Working on This Catalog Project

In fact I am working on a lot of different aspects of this project. I know this guy who is a big shot at an advertising agency the Villages and he has been giving me work behind the camera for a couple of years. It is usually boring commercial photography, but occasionally I do some nice creative work and they think that my stuff is kind of fresh and funky. This is pretty much an urban outfitter type of clothier. The work is going to go in their as yet not created web page and in the mail order catalog that they have been working on. I was surprised when they decided to let me do some of the modeling work, but I have done this occasionally in the past. This stuff was a good bit of fun actually.

A girl that I know was doing the shoot and of course she knows that I like girls and I like to dance with girls. That was the entire job. Of course a lot of this is the sort of stuff you would buy to go out on the town. So that is what it looks like when I am in the photos. I changed clothes about ten to fifteen times and I danced with a half dozen different girls. The idea is that you show the stuff naturally, it is not some pretty boy model trying to pout or pretending to be all hard. You wear the clothes and do the same stuff you would be doing if you were actually out there wearing the stuff in real life. Of course you are selling the idea that if you wear these clothes you will end up dancing with the hottest girl in the club and then you might get to take her home.

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