Working on My Movie Collection

I do not know how it got this big, but I have been collecting movies for a long time now. I started out when I was in junior high school with old Monster movies. I was in to those at the time. I was into weird European stuff while I was in college. I dated this girl who studied Italian and French and she loved to watch foreign movies. Of course I never got to be that good at understanding what was going on with or without the subtitles, but some of it was good. A site called extra torrent is one of the places where I started to look for rarer stuff, but they do not really have what I am looking for. If for instance a big time movie studio would sue you for illegally downloading the movie, then I do not really have that much interest in it. That is just how this works for me. I like the obscure stuff and things which are a bit off kilter.

Of course you can find stuff that is just gross and beyond all moral boundaries if you are into that sort of thing, but that is not what I mean. I like it a little bit weird, but not so weird that it makes you sick to your stomach. That is not what I like at all. It is a big waste of effort for me, but I did find a lot of sites like that. There are lots of people who are into gore and that sort of thing. I can not stand that. It is really lazy in my opinion. You just admit that you can not make a good movie and instead you rely on some stuff like that to draw an audience for blood.

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