Why You Should Stream Korean Drama

Soap opera’s and serials have been the fodder of the West since the inception of radio and with the beginning of the television era it only flourished. While the west did these types of programs very well the adoption of serials and soap opera’s in Asia has taken off to phenomenal proportions and at it’s pinnacle sits the Korean drama’s. Korean drama’s have become so popular you can now literally stream Korean drama from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet, and millions of people do just that on a daily basis. While their western counterparts usually relied on romance and deceit as the plot points the Korean drama’s center on family, political intrigue and thrilling drama.

While the serials and soap opera’s of the west have seen a serious decline in the past 2 decades the Korean drama’s have seen a huge surge, and not just in Asia. The Asian audience is a very large part of the success as these drama’s are translated into every Asian language but they are also translated into 100′s of other languages so everyone around the world can enjoy them. As was stated earlier most of the Western programs were centered around romance and you can find a lot of Korean drama’s with the same plot points but you can also find every other genre under the sun.

Some Korean drama’s focus on early Asian heritage and take place in centuries past focusing on wars, rebellions and royalty while others are focused on present day crime and entertainment. There truly is something for anyone in Korean dramatic programming and the producers of such programs have become very adept at hooking huge audiences for their shows in a relatively short period of time. Sometimes using the most popular actors in Asia as well as current pop stars and newcomers just waiting to be discovered.

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