The Secret to Hidden Access

For a history class, I was supposed to watch a documentary with my class. The class would then have to write a paper on the information we watched. Unfortunately, I was sick, so I couldn’t attend the screening. My teacher told me that I could watch the documentary on my own and still hand in the paper. Originally I was going to check out the movie from the library, but they didn’t have it on hand. I asked my teacher if I could borrow her copy, and she told me she didn’t have one because she used Netflix USA to show it to the class.

Given that we were in Canada, there was no way she could have been watching anything from the Netflix in USA. That’s when my teacher let me in on a secret. She had a way to get into the section of Netflix that plays only content that is available in the USA. She showed me how to do it on my laptop, and later I went to the library to watch the movie in one of the study rooms while taking notes on it.

Typing the documentary took more time than it did to view it, because I was constantly getting writers block. The detailed notes actually made things harder for me, because I couldn’t decided which content I should include in the paper and what should be left out. I had to include enough content to make 2 full pages, but if I threw everything into the paper, I could have easily made the paper into 10 pages. I stuck to focusing on the most important content and after a couple of hours came up with something I could turn in. My teacher was pleased with my work and gave me a high mark for it.

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