Netflix Saves Me a Lot of Money

When my sister and her two kids moved in with me a few weeks ago, they were really shocked to find out that I did not have cable TV in the house. They thought they were in for a miserable few months until their mom found them a place to stay, but that was only until they found out that I have Netflix. They originally had asked me whats on Netlfix, but they don’t ask that anymore because there is literally something there for each of us. I enjoy watching all kinds of documentaries, and Netflix has hundreds of them.

My sister enjoys watching romantic comedies as well as classic comedy TV shows, and there are even more of those for her. As for my two nephews, they like such a wide variety of shows, including cartoons, funny movies, action flicks, and even music shows. When I showed them the different genres of programming, they realized that they didn’t need cable either. My older nephew even found a site that shows what is coming to Netflix and what is leaving. I had no idea that anything like that existed, so I was pretty excited about getting signed up for their email alerts so I would always be in the know.

My sister is going to start looking for a new apartment in a month or so, and she is able to do this because of watching how I budget everything. She thought she would need to budget in an extra hundred or so for TV, but now she only has to do less than 10 bucks a month and get programming that they will all enjoy. Netflix stays relevant because they always have fun and exciting shows coming to their lineups each month, and I am glad to be able to get that information even before the shows hit the Netflix service.

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