Netflix Needs New Region Options

I’ve long been jealous of my American’s friends version of Netflix. It seems so unfair that they have access to all the good shows while we Canadians are often stuck with content that has been around for months or even years! I don’t exactly understand why they deny us Canadians the good things but fortunately there are totally new options out there. I figured out how to get Netflix USA in Canada thanks to some help from my good friend, Google. Google is the number one provider for answers of this type and I was quickly directed to a great website which helped me find a way around the cruel region locks preventing me from accessing the content I so desired.

It was easily done, truth be told. With help from a proxy server which tricked Netflix’s server by informing it that I was in fact in the United States rather than here in my motherland of Canada. Take that, Netflix! I know it’s not their doing. I understand that the production companies have deals with the distribution companies who in turn Netflix has licensing agreements with both separate entities. This means that they can pretty much define where and when the content is released to based on some absurd marketing scheme.

It’s better than nothing, though. I still think it’s kind of silly that I’m just a hundred miles away from the United States border and yet I still have a different Netflix experience than my American friends that I speak to online. I can only shake my head at the ridiculous nature of big business but it would be nice if we could pay to have access to certain areas. It’s not like you can download or even stream anything from Netflix itself so where’s the danger of pirating the content?

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