My New TV Programs Help to Keep Me Feeling Lonely

Moving into my own place was an exciting thought on my mind during the month that I waited to move into the apartment unit that was readied for me. I was living with my grand parents for a few years, and I felt like I was wearing out my welcome. But after just a few weeks living by myself, I felt really alone. The apartment was so quiet each night. My grandmother suggested that I look into getting DIRECTV for some background noise.

I checked the website to see what kind of offers they have, but because I was living by myself, I did not know if I should take a chance on yet another bill that I would need to pay for. I work only part time and am in school for many hours each day. I mentioned it to my grandparents, and they both offered to foot the bill, while also saying they don’t know why I moved out because they loved having me living with them! Now they tell me! So, it was important to me that I find a deal that would not be a burden to them.

I waited a couple of weeks and checked the site daily until I saw that they were offering free set up and installation as well as a few free months with a couple of really popular movie channels. I asked my grandmother if she thought that price sounded reasonable and she approved of it. They will pay for it for 1 year for me without me needing to pay, which I am really grateful for.

When I get home from school at night, it is really nice to be able to switch the TV on and have some “noise” in my place. I especially enjoy watching cooking programs. I learned a few new recipes, and I invited all my family over this weekend for dinner so that I can try out my new cooking skills.

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