Looking for Interesting Sites on the Internet

So I have been spending all of my time at home lately, because I have a great girlfriend and we are both trying to save out money as much as we are able to do so. We are determined to get our credit cards paid off and then we want to start thinking about what to do next. Most of our debts are not from doing things that really needed to be done, it was going out to clubs and such. We have been watching coronation street episodes instead lately. Of course we just look on netflix for things that we have not seen before and we watched a bunch of other British shows along with them. I was interested for awhile, but then I got bored with them and we eventually started watching some other shows that I have not seen. I tried to get her to watch the Wire with me, but that is not her thing it seems. Like always it is tough to find things that both of us want to watch. It is a good thing for me that she likes hockey and basketball.

Of course she does not like baseball and it is almost the end of the NBA season, so we are not going to be watching much sports until the end of summer when the football season kicks off. It is too bad that the Olympics were last year. I loved having something different to watch during the summer. Of course I think it was mostly on early in the morning or late at night. London is like 5 or 6 hours ahead of us, so that the evening news comes on while we are eating lunch here in the USA. I know that I watched a lot of games on before I went to work.

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