Learning a Lesson from a Film

When my best friend asked me to watch a Japanese drama with her called Rainbow Song, I of course said yes. The two of us have been best friends for years, and we watch movies together all of the time. I had never heard of Rainbow Song, but that didn’t surprise me. When she picks out movies, they are almost always ones that I have never heard of before, yet they end up being the perfect film for the two of us to watch together. She finds almost all of them on the same site, so I knew that this was going to be a good one too, or at least have a very good chance of it.

When we sat down in her apartment to watch it, it was very emotional for both of us. IT is the story of two close friends, and one finds out that the other has died. This leads the one who still alive down memory lane, where the two shared so much of themselves with each other. It got evident as the film went along that the two were actually in love with each other but never had the courage to say that to one another.

I am not going to say our relationship changed 100 percent that night, but it was definitely the beginning of changes for us. I knew that I had feelings for her, and I found out that she had those same kinds of feelings for me. I am so glad she picked that film from the Japanese drama site that has movies and TV shows, because who knows how long it would have taken us to see each other in that light! We still watch movies today, but we are doing it as boyfriend and girlfriend now. Soon, it will be as husband and wife!

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