Had to Get Satellite for My Niners

Of course I have been living on the East Coast for a couple of years now and the entire time I have hated not being able to watch all of the sports teams that I followed the rest of my life. I was raised in Palo Alto and so I was a big fan of the San Francisco FOrty Niners and the SF Giants and the Golden State Warriors. I am a big fan of Stanford as well, that is where both my parents worked after all. I went to the internet and figured out the best deals at www.directsavingstv.com/ and now I have the NFL Sunday Ticket plan from the Direct TV. I want to get the NBA basketball package too, but I do not think that is as important as this is to me, especially not since they are throwing it with the entire deal. The NBA package is really expensive and I can live with what games come in the regular package. There are a lot of games on TNT, ESPN, ESPN 2 and on the NBA network (or whatever they call that).

Of course I was not all that happy with the Niners until they started to win again. They have won three straight and they are back to doing what they need to be doing. Of course beating the Rams would not impress too many people, that team played like a junior varsity team against us. They literally did almost nothing properly and we ran the ball right down their throats. We needed to get ourselves back to playing great defense and running the ball the way that we used to do it. I am not that thrilled about the way things went against Arizona to be totally honest, it was not all that impressive.

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