Finding Rare Movies on the Internet

Wallpapers Stana Katic Forums Castle Abc Tv Series Show Nathan Fillion ...I am sort of interested in different types of movies and I have been looking around the internet for sites where you can find a broad selection of movies. I am checking out one called let me watch this or something like that right now, but what I am looking for at the moment is some place where I can find some older monster pictures. Well not exactly that. I am not a fan of some types of horror film for example. All of these ones where a bunch of teens get killed by some crazed slasher are not my type of film and I am not interested in the over the top gore of a lot of horror that is made today.

I will give an example of the type of film I like, the one with Kevin Bacon and his son playing people who can hear ghosts or something. It is call A Stir of Echoes. That is a really scary movie, but it is a lot more subtle than just having a bunch of zombies or some crazed maniac with a chain saw.

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