Comcast Deals Perfect for New Urban Dwellers

continue highlight your comcast net email account and click changeWhen my husband told me that he had been transferred again, and we would be moving for the fourth time in five years, I can’t say that I was exactly thrilled. Especially when it looked like we would be moving to a much more urban environment than what we had been used to for the last several years. I had convinced myself that I could live without huge malls and many of the conveniences of bigger city living, but there were some things that made living out in the country more difficult, as well as costly, especially when it came to services available in our area.

The first thing I did once we found a great condominium we were interested in, was to check out what was available for television, Internet and telephone providers. I was very accustomed to not having much of a choice and could not believe how many options I now had. The standout amongst all that I looked at was Comcast. I found some excellent Comcast Deals that would include all of the services that I was looking for, and more, and they could be put together into one very affordable bundle package. Sign-up for services was quick and easy and the customer service representative was knowledgeable and made the process fun.

I was able to have everything installed and ready for use the day we moved into our new condo and have not had a single problem since. My husband definitely loves all of the digital television channels we get and I am loving the high speed Internet service. I had been accustomed to a very slow DSL connection and never knew web surfing could be so fast! Our family and friends like that I am able to pick up the phone and call them more frequently and I like that those calls don’t mean a big long distance bill every month. I have unlimited nationwide calling and it makes living far from our loved ones much easier while we get used to living in a brand new place.

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