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Learning a Lesson from a Film

When my best friend asked me to watch a Japanese drama with her called Rainbow Song, I of course said yes. The two of us have been best friends for years, and we watch movies together all of the time. I had never heard of Rainbow Song, but that didn’t surprise me. When she picks out movies, they are almost always ones that I have never heard of before, yet they end up being the perfect film for the two of us to watch together. She finds almost all of them on the same site, so I knew that this was going to be a good one too, or at least have a very good chance of it.

When we sat down in her apartment to watch it, it was very emotional for both of us. IT is the story of two close friends, and one finds out that the other has died. Continue reading

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Why You Should Stream Korean Drama

Soap opera’s and serials have been the fodder of the West since the inception of radio and with the beginning of the television era it only flourished. While the west did these types of programs very well the adoption of serials and soap opera’s in Asia has taken off to phenomenal proportions and at it’s pinnacle sits the Korean drama’s. Korean drama’s have become so popular you can now literally stream Korean drama from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet, and millions of people do just that on a daily basis. While their western counterparts usually relied on romance and deceit as the plot points the Korean drama’s center on family, political intrigue and thrilling drama. Continue reading

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The Secret to Hidden Access

For a history class, I was supposed to watch a documentary with my class. The class would then have to write a paper on the information we watched. Unfortunately, I was sick, so I couldn’t attend the screening. My teacher told me that I could watch the documentary on my own and still hand in the paper. Originally I was going to check out the movie from the library, but they didn’t have it on hand. I asked my teacher if I could borrow her copy, and she told me she didn’t have one because she used Netflix USA to show it to the class.

Given that we were in Canada, there was no way she could have been watching anything from the Netflix in USA. That’s when my teacher let me in on a secret. Continue reading

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My New TV Programs Help to Keep Me Feeling Lonely

Moving into my own place was an exciting thought on my mind during the month that I waited to move into the apartment unit that was readied for me. I was living with my grand parents for a few years, and I felt like I was wearing out my welcome. But after just a few weeks living by myself, I felt really alone. The apartment was so quiet each night. My grandmother suggested that I look into getting DIRECTV for some background noise.

I checked the website to see what kind of offers they have, but because I was living by myself, I did not know if I should take a chance on yet another bill that I would need to pay for. I work only part time and am in school for many hours each day. Continue reading

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Netflix Saves Me a Lot of Money

When my sister and her two kids moved in with me a few weeks ago, they were really shocked to find out that I did not have cable TV in the house. They thought they were in for a miserable few months until their mom found them a place to stay, but that was only until they found out that I have Netflix. They originally had asked me whats on Netlfix, but they don’t ask that anymore because there is literally something there for each of us. I enjoy watching all kinds of documentaries, and Netflix has hundreds of them.

My sister enjoys watching romantic comedies as well as classic comedy TV shows, and there are even more of those for her. Continue reading

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Netflix Needs New Region Options

I’ve long been jealous of my American’s friends version of Netflix. It seems so unfair that they have access to all the good shows while we Canadians are often stuck with content that has been around for months or even years! I don’t exactly understand why they deny us Canadians the good things but fortunately there are totally new options out there. I figured out how to get Netflix USA in Canada thanks to some help from my good friend, Google. Google is the number one provider for answers of this type and I was quickly directed to a great website which helped me find a way around the cruel region locks preventing me from accessing the content I so desired.

It was easily done, truth be told. With help from a proxy server which tricked Netflix’s server by informing it that I was in fact in the United States rather than here in my motherland of Canada. Take that, Netflix! I know it’s not their doing. I understand that the production companies have deals with the distribution companies who in turn Netflix has licensing agreements with both separate entities. Continue reading

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Best Cable Deals for Cox Area

I am going to get cable television again in the near future, because I feel that i have gone without television for too long of period of time, and it would be nice to get some more television in my life. However, I have need to figure out the best prices on cable and the best deals with regards to the number of channels I will be getting. I am looking at which is a site I found and it has cable deals in my area, which is good, because it is definitely more relevant to me than it would be to look at cable deals available in other areas.

I have some worries about being able to get a deal that will really be cheap enough, but I am not going to worry too much, and instead, I will just to look to see what I can actualyl find. I stopped paying for cable over a year ago, on account of the fact that I did not think that i got enough of a use out of it in order to justify paying the monthly bill. I was kind of broke at the time, but since then, things have turned around for me, and I am making a good bit more money than I used to.

However, not really sure that I want to spend that much money on cable, even though I am making more money now. I am still living in an apartment, and i would like to get to the point where I am able to buy a house. But that is not going to be very easy to do, and I am going to have to figure out ways to save money and not pay too much money on the bills that I have.

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Working on This Catalog Project

In fact I am working on a lot of different aspects of this project. I know this guy who is a big shot at an advertising agency the Villages and he has been giving me work behind the camera for a couple of years. It is usually boring commercial photography, but occasionally I do some nice creative work and they think that my stuff is kind of fresh and funky. This is pretty much an urban outfitter type of clothier. The work is going to go in their as yet not created web page and in the mail order catalog that they have been working on. I was surprised when they decided to let me do some of the modeling work, but I have done this occasionally in the past. This stuff was a good bit of fun actually.

A girl that I know was doing the shoot and of course she knows that I like girls and I like to dance with girls. Continue reading

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Had to Get Satellite for My Niners

Of course I have been living on the East Coast for a couple of years now and the entire time I have hated not being able to watch all of the sports teams that I followed the rest of my life. I was raised in Palo Alto and so I was a big fan of the San Francisco FOrty Niners and the SF Giants and the Golden State Warriors. I am a big fan of Stanford as well, that is where both my parents worked after all. I went to the internet and figured out the best deals at and now I have the NFL Sunday Ticket plan from the Direct TV. I want to get the NBA basketball package too, but I do not think that is as important as this is to me, especially not since they are throwing it with the entire deal. The NBA package is really expensive and I can live with what games come in the regular package. Continue reading

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Working on My Movie Collection

I do not know how it got this big, but I have been collecting movies for a long time now. I started out when I was in junior high school with old Monster movies. I was in to those at the time. I was into weird European stuff while I was in college. I dated this girl who studied Italian and French and she loved to watch foreign movies. Of course I never got to be that good at understanding what was going on with or without the subtitles, but some of it was good. A site called extra torrent is one of the places where I started to look for rarer stuff, but they do not really have what I am looking for. If for instance a big time movie studio would sue you for illegally downloading the movie, then I do not really have that much interest in it. That is just how this works for me. Continue reading

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Finding Rare Movies on the Internet

Wallpapers Stana Katic Forums Castle Abc Tv Series Show Nathan Fillion ...I am sort of interested in different types of movies and I have been looking around the internet for sites where you can find a broad selection of movies. I am checking out one called let me watch this or something like that right now, but what I am looking for at the moment is some place where I can find some older monster pictures. Well not exactly that. I am not a fan of some types of horror film for example. All of these ones where a bunch of teens get killed by some crazed slasher are not my type of film and I am not interested in the over the top gore of a lot of horror that is made today.

I will give an example of the type of film I like, the one with Kevin Bacon and his son playing people who can hear ghosts or something. It is call A Stir of Echoes. That is a really scary movie, but it is a lot more subtle than just having a bunch of zombies or some crazed maniac with a chain saw.

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Switching to a Straight Talk Phone

I have decided that my current phone plan is too expensive and in fact I have figured out that I can pretty much live without a lot of the features that I have on my phone if I have to do it. I send a few texts every months and I do a bit of searching on the Internet when I am on my phone, but it is not like some younger people I know. Some of them are interested in nothing that does not happen on their phone. I am interested in a straight talk promo code offer I was shown by a friend of mine. He has been using it pretty well near a year he says and does not have much bad to say about the service. Obviously you get one of these plans to save money and there are some differences.

I suspect that if you have a problem that requires you to call customer service they might send you to a call center located in India or some other South Asian country. That can be annoying, because you end up not being able to understand one person because they are in a room where hundreds of other people are talking. My friend says that he has not really had many problems, but of course to get a low price service like this it is necessary that you cut a few corners. I understand that and it does not matter to me so long as they are upfront about it. If I know that I going to get a lower level of customer service going into it I do not mind it. I would expect that I am going to get a lower level of service and so long as the phone works well I am okay with it.

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Looking for Interesting Sites on the Internet

So I have been spending all of my time at home lately, because I have a great girlfriend and we are both trying to save out money as much as we are able to do so. We are determined to get our credit cards paid off and then we want to start thinking about what to do next. Most of our debts are not from doing things that really needed to be done, it was going out to clubs and such. We have been watching coronation street episodes instead lately. Of course we just look on netflix for things that we have not seen before and we watched a bunch of other British shows along with them. I was interested for awhile, but then I got bored with them and we eventually started watching some other shows that I have not seen. I tried to get her to watch the Wire with me, but that is not her thing it seems. Like always it is tough to find things that both of us want to watch. It is a good thing for me that she likes hockey and basketball.

Of course she does not like baseball and it is almost the end of the NBA season, so we are not going to be watching much sports until the end of summer when the football season kicks off. It is too bad that the Olympics were last year. I loved having something different to watch during the summer. Of course I think it was mostly on early in the morning or late at night. London is like 5 or 6 hours ahead of us, so that the evening news comes on while we are eating lunch here in the USA. I know that I watched a lot of games on before I went to work.

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I Will Never Miss a Game Now

I used to live in Pittsburgh and anyone who has lived there knows that it’s a city with a football problem. Most people there love the Steelers, and I was certainly no exception. When I ended up moving away for my job, I wasn’t too worried because I figured I would be able to pick up the games at a local establishment. The only problem was the local places that showed the games were too rowdy for me. I didn’t want to miss any games, so I decided to check out direct tv deals to see if there was anything that I could do about it.

I knew that I would not be able to pick up the local Pittsburgh channels, but I thought that the Sunday Ticket would be a good alternative. I read all about it, and the more I read the more I realized I absolutely wanted it. While I am extremely loyal to the Pittsburgh Steelers, I have usually watched any football game that was showing even if it was not the black and gold playing. There are good things and bad things about that. The good is that there are football games on at least five different times throughout the week, so I was guaranteed to watch five games. The bad is that I was not always a fan of either team playing in some of those games.

With the Sunday Ticket, I would be able to pick any of the games that I wanted to watch instead of being stuck with whatever the local station had to show. That sealed the deal for me, and I made an appointment to have the satellite dish installed. It did not take very long, and I am very happy with the lower price overall when compared to the local cable company. The best part is that I did not even have to miss a single Steelers game.

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Finding Some Great Cinema on the Web

On the world wide web there are plenty of sources of streaming video if you’re a film hound like myself. I absolutely love movies; the entire experience is something I look forward to. Whether it’s actually going out to a movie or watching one at home, I absolutely love the anticipation of a good movie. I was browsing the web for a new movie to watch and that’s how I came across flixdump. It caught me with it’s well organized website and a wonderful user experience that allowed me to quickly browse and find the movies I was looking for. It was like striking a gold vein in a mine of iron, that hidden gem that was lurking below the dull and gray surface.

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Comcast Deals Perfect for New Urban Dwellers

continue highlight your comcast net email account and click changeWhen my husband told me that he had been transferred again, and we would be moving for the fourth time in five years, I can’t say that I was exactly thrilled. Especially when it looked like we would be moving to a much more urban environment than what we had been used to for the last several years. I had convinced myself that I could live without huge malls and many of the conveniences of bigger city living, but there were some things that made living out in the country more difficult, as well as costly, especially when it came to services available in our area.

The first thing I did once we found a great condominium we were interested in, was to check out what was available for television, Internet and telephone providers. I was very accustomed to not having much of a choice and could not believe how many options I now had. The standout amongst all that I looked at was Comcast. I found some excellent Comcast Deals that would include all of the services that I was looking for, and more, and they could be put together into one very affordable bundle package. Sign-up for services was quick and easy and the customer service representative was knowledgeable and made the process fun.

I was able to have everything installed and ready for use the day we moved into our new condo and have not had a single problem since. My husband definitely loves all of the digital television channels we get and I am loving the high speed Internet service. I had been accustomed to a very slow DSL connection and never knew web surfing could be so fast! Our family and friends like that I am able to pick up the phone and call them more frequently and I like that those calls don’t mean a big long distance bill every month. I have unlimited nationwide calling and it makes living far from our loved ones much easier while we get used to living in a brand new place.

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Look Outside the Box and Give Independent Movies a Chance

What movies would top your list of the best movies of all time? If someone was to offer you 15 free bootleg movies what movies would you choose?Maybe you are the type of person who loves the classics, so movies like Casablanca, or Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo would be on the top of your list. Or it could be that you are a science fiction fan. So movies like A Space Odyssey 2010 the Year We Make Contact, or the Star Wars movies would be on the top of your list.

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